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...I’ve followed many of the men in my practice for 15 to 20 years and have witnessed the slow physical decline that is inevitable with age. Over that time, I, too, have aged. I’ve lost most of my hair, a portion of my muscle mass, and some of my libido. I’ve grown love handles, ear hair and nose hair, and like most men in midlife, my prostate is starting to enlarge. Yet many of my patients have had it far worse than I have.

At the age of 50, I discovered the use of shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction, which then led to an interest and sub-specialization in sexual medicine for men. Sitting down and talking openly and honestly with hundreds of men who had, to varying degrees, lost their sexual function helped me understand that if men don’t feel good or feel like they look good, their interest in sex and their enjoyment of life declines. Since this revelation first dawned on me, I’ve focused my practice on male rejuvenation: helping men to feel better, look better and have better physical intimacy.