Adam Wenguer

Adam Wenguer is the founder and CEO of Element Health, LLC, which provides full spectrum CBD, hemp based products. An expert in the use of CBD and cannabis for peak wellness and performance, he is also highly trained and experienced in the utilization of botanical and mycological compounds for ceremonial/shamanic application. Adam holds a BA in applied physiology and kinesiology from the University of Florida. He is a lifelong martial artist and combat instructor, a four stripe brown belt in Brazilian jiujitsu, Muay Thai/boxing, and armed combat. Adam is a mindfulness based meditation practitioner/instructor and proponent of conscious hunting. He has more than 15 years of experience as a strength and conditioning specialist and health coach at a premier five star wellness resort, working with a wide array of professional athletes, company executives, and individuals seeking optimal health. Many were suffering from a similar pattern of sleep issues, anxiety, inflammatory conditions, and a general emotional and spiritual disconnect—which led to his creation of Element Health. IG: @ElementHealth